Repost : The Rubber City Allleycat, My Journey

The Rubber City Alleycat
My Journey
From start to finish, my thoughts, stops, and tasks.
Will Christy Park

First Stop
-Received an informational piece of paper about the late Dr. Bob from Akron. The paper said I must report to Dr. Bobs house before the end of the race to complete a task.
Second Stop
Dr. Bob’s House
-Two options: answer facts about Dr. Bob or chug a PBR.
*Chugged a PBR and broke the fuck out.
Third Stop
Plaque about something important
*this stop was for extra points I believe, it was not necessary, although it made me feel like a champion pedaling 7 miles out of the way than everyone and still placing well.
-Write the first line of the plaque.
Fourth Stop
Cadillac Hill
-Climb as high as you can for points.
*Made it half way. This hill is so steep, its hard for some cars. Combine that with old brick road, yeah, so get off my case.
Fifth Stop
-Take two slips of paper and answer one of the questions.
*I had to find the headline for some New Orleans paper. As I went into the library and approached the magazine/newspaper area, I broke into a mad rush as I saw 100’s of different newspapers from all over the country.
*Between the library and the next stop, I missed getting hit by a Jeep by mere inches. Then the pissed off driver decided to turn into me at the next intersection :)
Sixth Stop
View of Akron Skyline(some park at the top of a hill)
-Run up the hill and draw a picture of Akron’s skyline on a note-card.
*If my calves could talk, they’d tell you about running up this hill.
Seventh Stop
-Throw a bicycle tire over a concrete pillar to advance or throw all four tires onto each of the pillars in a row to earn points.
*3rd time was the charm.
Eighth Stop
Some Bar on Exchange St.
-Chug a cup of beer
*This beer was unexpectedly cool and refreshing, I loved it.
Ninth Stop
Dr. Bob’s
-Return and pick up a USPS box to carry to the finish.
*Fuck putting this box in my “messenger bag,” I’m tired as fuck and this brick road I’m riding on is making me infertile...GODSPEED!
The Matinee
*Finished 21st out of 40
*Total miles traveled: 21.3

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