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straight from the bossman to you the viewer.
hi dave - in case you wanted to tip the hat to your reader's . . . i'm donating a custom track frameset to fast track cycling for their first major 2009 fundraiser. raffle tickets are $20, and their big springtime fundraiser party/raffle date will be announced soon on their website. donations can be mailed in direct to them. this thursday (feb 5th) at now that's class we're having a pre-party raffle. as usual, ride your bike and your first beer is free. each additional drink nets you raffle tickets, or tickets are also available standalone for $5. this week the winner will receive a 3-pack of tickets into fast track's raffle. might be the only time a blatz could turn into a custom frame! take care, dan polito.



Nick recently destroyed his bike. It wasn't this bad to begin with(just a little bent), so we went out and he kept hopping and popping wheelies until this happened. On the plus side, at least it has an aggressive position now.


my bike : update

Here are some new parts I invested in: Sugino 75 Bottom Bracket
Chris King GripNut Threaded Headset

handmade cycling cap

My sister sewed me this fleece cycling cap for Christmas.
Pretty rad


a little bit flashy, a little bit trashy, but also classy..

this is second to the fixed grear comic strip that floated around.
hahahaha, Get @ MILANO Fixed


More cushion for the pushin'

80's Selle San Marco Laser

Fujitsa Pro NJS

@Carnival Tokyo

back on the grind

his first time trial since his return to professional cycling and he won by over 2 minutes.
people don't know who they're fuckin' with, westsidddde!



From a design perspective, this is a gorgeous bike. I agree with Prolly, it's not practical. Yet, I feel a bike like this is merely for show or cruisin', not thrash steeze. This is definitely a bike worth investing in from my point of view. Designer : dovetusai


Concept : NikeHINDSIGHT

Scoped @ Tracko
Billy May in this mutha fucka
Get @ Gizmodo for the details


pile of clothes

Get @ Nike

Scoped @ South Sea

Get @ Blue Lug

Get @ Rapha
Get @ ZOZO

Get @ ZOZO

Get @ DQM

this makes me happy

I never wish paralysis on myself or anyone else, but I've always had a gnarly back up plan that did include a sweet wheel, like this one.

EMPIRE, more like EPIC

I strongly suggest you get @ EMPIRE for the video in HD.
You lazy fuckers can watch it on here.
Just watching this video gets the blood pumping.