pista concept

sex machine, super! gnar! richeous!

Bianchi Concept (powder coated)

Answer Pro taper GOLD, 2 inchers / Thompson Elite

Bianchi Concept (painted)

Aerospoke (painted) or Twenty Spokes of Fury!, sometimes a 650c sun rim w/campy hub,or a hed3

Fir net 97 (powder coated) 32h / laced to Phil - MASHsf hub w/ green alloy nipples or Twenty Spokes of Fury!


San Marco Regal / Thompson Elite

MKS gold bmx/ Izumi eco / MKS double straps

18 EAI super star gold bling master bling bitchez/ 48 sugino 75

rubber city alleycat

enough said, be there

fixedgearparis, I mean london.

fixed gear london throwin' it down major in the streets of Paris. bonjour

BENUS in Nogawa park

Bawlz to the wall


90's Cannondale track




HED3 700c

ARAYA 1w 700c [DA HUB]





MDMA alleycat in Melbourne, Australia.

nice filming

Skid Vicious

Couple of riders messing around before "Skid Vicious," an Alleycat-Style messenger race in downtown LA before the marathon starts.

Push Pull Crew

stylish supreme beings


photos from Lucky Stride

sponsored by Seagull Bags, reigning out of Columbus, Ohio

mad dash at the start

track stands post race
first place "out of towner" winning the Seagull Bag
1st overall, Joe with green velocity wheel set from B1!
after party
after party


Hilarious statistics

spotted this over at MASH SF

Oakland, CA's Kyle 1

spotted this over at HK fixed, enjoi. nice custom one up.


MASH : Richie Ditta's part

rock on

Velocity NYC 2008

Velocity 2008 Messenger/City Rider competition at Kissena Velodrome, Queens NYC.

The Champion

Macaframa trailer

Macaframa means macaframa god damnit.


Pasadena's Matt Locascio

Really enjoi'd this video. Pasadena looks like a tight place to ride.


Knuckle of Bare

Bareknuckle 56cm, Powdercoated Bengal White
Handlebars and Stem:
Nitto Flat / Unknown 40 deg x 110
Fork and Headset:
Bareknuckle / Chris King NoThreadset
Front wheel:
Velocity Deep V / 32 Phil Wood
Rear wheel:
Velocity Deep V / 32 Phil Wood Fix
Crankset and Bottom bracket:
Sugino 75
Saddle and Seat Post:
Kashimax FG4P / Thomson
Pedals and Chain:
MKS Esquartz / Izumi Nickle Chain
Cog/Gearing et cetera:
EAI 16t/48t


Not too fond of this video, but I thought you aoughta take a look for yourself.


gear watch : Fatlace

I love this shop, take a look:

Fatlace has some quality goods stocked up right now, so get them while they last!

These T19's might be a replacement for the b201aa's I was looking for before.

Basically, you need to head over to fatlace pronto

Council of Doom, round two

This full length trailer is major. It's comparable to the MASH trailers. Really feeling the tunes on this one also. Council of Doom puts down one sick show.


rider watch : Jason Clary

throwin' down tricks in the storm drains. Take a look at this kids bike too, jeeeze, i'm feelin' it.

gear watch : SUPER MAKURI

You better head over to SUPER MAKURI pronto, they have a couple new frames in, check them out.

3Rensho Green
Seat tube 560 mm
Top tube 540 mm
Ends 120mm
BB Hatta R 9400
Hatta Super swan deluxe Headset
Great shape, one small ding on the seat tube.

NAGASAWA Dark Blue With Rainbow Sparkle
Top Tube 555mm
Seat Tube c-t 555mm
120mm(123mm) rear drops
seat 27mm
hatta R9400 BB
good shape with a light scratch on seat tube

Top Tube 550mm
Seat Tube c-t 555mm
120mm(123mm) rear drops
seat 27mm
hatta R9400 BB
great shape very light scratch on seat stay.

Monster Track side events

The Monster Track side events from a week ago have surfaced.


Crazy Colnago Pursuit

Intense pursuit bike from Colnago.  Note the dual fork mounted stems

Messenger gets hit and flips shit and cries like a man... reasonably

rise, no sweep

Scope the front end on this sex machine!

Handlebars and Stem:
Nitto 1.5 Rise no Sweep, Oury Grips generic stem
Front wheel:
White Velocity Deep-V with stickerset from HufxFatlace collabo

Too bad those handlebars are no where to be found. Throw me an email if you ever discover a pair...

old school

John Prolly just took us back a few years with this sick bar job. He slapped on some Cinelli bar wrap, hemp twine, and a large helping of shellac.

Turned out classy.


wolfpack.hustle. never dissapoints, never

I know you want more, take a look at wolfpack.hustle's. site, they have some more tight videos and gear like this, dang.

Ride some hills

This graphic rules, I need to cop one of these tees, pronto.

Untouched 58 Panasonic

This beautiful gold metallic 58 cm njs 
Panasonic is fresh from the factory, never 
built.  For a clean $980, its yours. Email
hunknlance@gmail.com if you're interested.

look ma' no brakes exhibition

In case you forgot what kinda steeze you were dealing with this exhibition, let me point it out, BAM!


Colnago Master

this bike is major, scope the specs:


Late 80's Colnago Master
Handlebars and Stem:
Fork and Headset:
Colnago pantographed & lugged steel, Chris King 1" threaded headset in silver.
Front wheel:
Campagnolo Atlanta radially laced to Campagnolo Record hub
Rear wheel:
Campagnolo Atlanta on Campagnolo Record hub
Crankset and Bottom bracket:
Campagnolo C-Record crankset 170mm / Campagnolo Record bottom bracket.
Saddle and Seat Post:
Selle San Marco Regal in white, Campagnolo C-Record Aero seat post.
Pedals and Chain:
Campagnolo Record pedals, Campagnolo medium clips & original white Campagnolo straps.
Cog/Gearing et cetera:
Campagnolo C-Record Delta brakes, Campagnolo Record 9 speed cassette, 9-Speed ergo shifters, Cinelli white cork tape.


gear watch : Vanilla Cycles

These custom one-ups made by Vanilla Cycles in Portland, Oregon are the most sought after custom frames since the frame builders show last month in Portland. I don’t need to explain why, take a look at the craftsmanship in the photos I’ve provided. These track bikes are pure sex machines. Don’t get too excited though, the frames alone will se you back a clean $2800. Despite the prices, there is a longggg waiting list. I’m glad to see their is a market for these. Any-who, jump over to Vanilla Cycles and check yourself.