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Purple 3Rensho priced @ $920

Sky Blue Nagasawa priced @ 1100

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This post has made me truly disagree with the way supply and demand works. These are amazing frames that I can guarantee we would all love to ride, but where does it stop? No offense to NJS Export, I love their goods. They're selling at prices that follow the market.... But why are people paying $900 and $1000 for frames that are rusted? The name, NJS stamp, bragging rights? I remember reading about how a few years ago, you could pick up frames like these for a few hundred. In conclusion, make that money.



this frame.......

Anonymous said...

I purchased a $1,000 frame from NJS and I can assure you their inventory is excellent quality; not perfect, but they certainly aren't rusted.

What are you talking about? NJS's prices are a perfect example of supply & demand. 3Rensho frames are limited in quantity (they don't produce them anymore) but demand is higher than ever. As one (not you, of course) would expect prices to skyrocket; which they have.

NJS is selling plenty of frames so I'm thinking their pricing is perfectly aligned with the market. Also, Gabe is 100% honest and will not sell you a frame unless he is convinced it is the right fit.

Just because you're not willing to pay $1,000 for a frame (even though you want it) doesn't mean it isn't a worthwhile purchase to someone else. If you're looking for value, I'm guessing you can find a good vintage Fugi on Craigs. Perhaps Fugi is a brand that will fit your skewed idea of economics.

Dave Pickett said...

You misunderstood the meaning of my post. Perhaps, I'm not the best at expressing my ideas. But let me try again.

NJS Export has by far the best inventory of track bicycles. I support Gabe 100% and believe he is an honest guy and sells some incredible bikes.

I realize that a lot of these bikes are in high demand but in limited quantity, which, in turn, raises prices.

The only thing I'm trying to point out is that is saddens me that these bikes cost upwards of $1000 dollars. I guess if you want to get a frame that is worthy of a collectors item, then by all means. I just wanted to point out that a person can still buy a quality hand built frame of the same standards as a 3Rensho, but new and at a lower cost. It is in fact the name that jacks up the price.

My understanding of economics on the other hand is sound. I do value quality, but there needs to be a line drawn.

It's hard for me to respect you when you can't even spell FUJI right. I myself have a small arsenal of delightfully expensive parts that would challenge how you regard me. I'm not just the guy who looks for the best value on craigs list, yet I'm not the guy who buys a Nagasawa and just hangs it on my wall.