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Remember kids, don't drink and drive...drink and ride!


I want it raw

Look familiar? probably not...
Without the paint, I doubt most would recognize this Cinelli Vigorelli.
I remember why I admired this bike, look at the frame geometry, it's sick.
Scoped @ Barrie Bloor

A run of numbers

Straight from the new Fixed Magazine!

Fixed Magazine

Are you ready for your free copy? I am..
Snag it here

Design for the future

This is one dope creation. This was created by a couple of students at one of the premier design schools in the U.S., Art Center College of Design. Unfortunately, the design is ahead of our time, for we have no such technology to support mag-lev style wheels.


Fatlace Vinyls

Fatlace is back at it again, offering up 4 sets of limited edition wheel set vinyls in multiple colors.
Grab a set while they still exist!

boss playa

Aad Van De Hoek handles a cuban during a break in the 1978 Tour De France

and people said smoking doesn't make you look cool, haberdashery.

So the 80's wasn't a complete waste

Bianchi C4, 1987
A fat man would look skinny standing next to this bike...

Scoped @ Velonista

Jet Set Couriers


Rogue Status Bianchi Concept

'06 Bianchi Pista Concept

carbon answer protapers, nitto ui5-ex

bianchi/cane creek

Dura ace 7600 hi flange/ Hard ano Araya ADX1W

Dura ace 7600 hi flange/ Hard ano Araya ADX1W

Sugino 75 Arms, Zen Racing CR, 75 BB

Selle San Marco Rolls, Nitto 65

MKS Custom Nuevo, D.I.D.

EAI Superstar, 49/17

Seen over @ Velospace

The end of a beautiful thing

As quoted from Whitney Moyer, the owner of Moyer Cycles

"I have accepted a position as an operator trainee at the South Texas Project and have moved to the sleepy little town of Palacios, TX.

What this means for the business - effectively, I'm shutting up shop. I'll continue to build frames, but only for myself and close friends for the forseeable future. This will allow me to explore a couple of ideas about where I want to take my craft and give me time to work out a more sustainable business model.

If they work out, I'll be back to making frames for others in about 5-10 years in a limited, spare-time, capacity.

If not - well, I have a kickass job in a booming industry - and I'm extremely proud of the quality of work that I was able to put out there in my very short time as a builder.

I'll be writing up a 'lessons learned' within the next month or so in order to highlight some of the pitfalls that I encountered as a new builder, and to show you some of the details as to why I came to this decision.

Thank you very much for all of your support and comments over the past year or two. I really appreciate every one of them!"

It's sad to see such a truly creative frame builder just completely pick up and leave for something else. Wish I knew what this new job in a booming industry was though....
Anywho, I'll leave you with a quick overview of his work:

Scoped @ HK fixed


Scoped this on velospace. Nice conversion, classy digs.

New rubber @ HK Fixed

Drop Brian an email if you're interested... brian@hkfixed.com



good vibes from this group, I look forward to seeing more videos drop.


Macaframa commercial #4

As usual, the HD version looks amazing.


Chris Kvale TT

would rip a girls pants off

Found this little number off Velospace, get @ it



Scoped this ride over @ the Londonfixedgear forums

48 Hours with DOOM

Here my amigos is a sneek-peek of the full-length film "The Council of Doom"

This video was insane. The latter part of the video was wicked awesome.
I snagged this from Wolfgang's Vimeo


goob vibes

I love the color in these photos. By the way, that bike, it's super classy! roar
Snagged @ South Sea

Macaframa Photo Shoot

Macaframa's photo shoot is definitely worth checking out. Get @ it
This bike is first-rate, I can't get enough of the rear tri-spoke.
It must be a late model specialized / Araya?
I would consider trading for something like this.
This move is raw.



Fixed Magazine Blogroll

Head over to their site, pronto!


Macaframa Commercial #3

Be sure to watch this in HD, it's like a mind explosion!
Check out Macaframa for more, as they will be posting a video a day until the full version is released in a few days.

Fastest Messenger In the World

Sino finally won at this years Cycle Messenger World Championship in Toronto.
Woop Woop. The guy is like Rocky Balboa, except on a fixed gear.

Rain City Fix

I admire the idea behind this book. Rain City Fix is first-class steeze and therefore, I will be throwing down my pocketbook for that paperback version. Pick the book up here


Really enjoyed this video, some legit substance!



A standing ovation of sorts.


Jesus Christ


A happy medium

Remember these ? Well I found my happy medium and here they are.
So I bought a set of MKS Steel toe clips with leather and have been riding them for the last week.

  1. I found that the leather on the outside of the cage would still rip off and the sewing would come undone(within a few days).
  2. The steel clips are really tight on the tops of your shoes and are tough to loosen up. I figure it will loosen up as I ride them more.
The Benefits:
  1. By wrapping the cage with 3M electrical tape, I maintained the beloved quietness of having wrapped cages and I get better, re-applicable protection.
  2. The ride comfort of the wrap is still more comfortable than bare cage pressing on my feet
My Conclusion:
Don't waste your dough on leather wrapped clips(unless your riding style is less intensive/destructive than my own). Buy a set of MKS Steel Toe clips and wrap them yourself with electrical tape! DIY for life! < homo

Hipster Threads, when style reigns.

The classic bomber jacket given a contemporary splash of color. Over @ Eliminator
Features Gore-Tex's top of the line Pro-Shell material in a lightweight and extremely breathable package. Large pockets can be seen along the waist as well as diagonal zips on the chest. Over @ Cueve


I present you with a new product straight from the Cadence workshop...
Alright, but seriously, enough teasemcgee, here it is, their new DOUBLIZERS!

Take a stroll over to Cadence and get your own slice


Tokyo Fixed Gear !

Check it out, Tokyo Fixed Gears' shop is now online!

Their shop is loaded with quality parts, frames and clothing. Its a must see, head over to their shop pronto!