From a design perspective, this is a gorgeous bike. I agree with Prolly, it's not practical. Yet, I feel a bike like this is merely for show or cruisin', not thrash steeze. This is definitely a bike worth investing in from my point of view. Designer : dovetusai


Concept : NikeHINDSIGHT

Scoped @ Tracko
Billy May in this mutha fucka
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pile of clothes

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this makes me happy

I never wish paralysis on myself or anyone else, but I've always had a gnarly back up plan that did include a sweet wheel, like this one.

EMPIRE, more like EPIC

I strongly suggest you get @ EMPIRE for the video in HD.
You lazy fuckers can watch it on here.
Just watching this video gets the blood pumping.


Fujitsa Pro NJS

big ups to bigup.

spread the good word

"when I am old..."

such class.
grabbed this @ JJJound !

bike porn

this whip is aggressive as fuck,
love that front wheel
color scheme is first-rate, mate

fuck chainwhips!

Head to tracko for a brief explanation. Study the photo and you'll understand how the cog works. Basically, you tighten the black cylindrical piece onto your hub, and the three cogs become conveniently interchangeable. I think I'll pump some iron and polish my chain whip before I drop $110 for convienence. None-the-less, it is a terrific design. I wish that the bicycle industry would recognize this technology and standardize the design, so it becomes easier to interchange brands.

waterproof, bicycle proof

and hey, nice plaid inner liner.
bigups to bigup. for this one

spin that beat back

Super Ted displaying some major spin action.
what a sick bike setup

color vibration

The color vibration + design is first class.
get your ass to the hanon shop
thanks south sea, word up

remember this?

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sweet nectarines

brad, this ones for you big guy!

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winter blues

On top of their game as always, Barrie Bloor
definitely snag' one of these...if you carry g's in your wallet.
DETAILS: 74% wool/26% cotton outer and fully lined with 65% cupro/35% polyester quilting; super tough wool wool tartan outer layer shirt/jacket that is sure to keep you you warm and comfy through these cold seasons; slim fit with box pleat along back, patch chest pocket, double welt side pockets, hunting flap/pad along right hand shoulder, and elbow patches...


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new @ Blue Lug

These are some radical looking pants. Get @ Blue Lug for more

get strapped, motha fucka!

simple.classy.double toe straps
by Ostre Kolo
only €5, whata deal.

BTNC blowin' up this fall

promo for BTNC's fall release. word up to hk fixed

still... dreamin

I feel like fixed gear riding has really progressed in the past few months that I've been absent from the blogosphere. It's still blowin' the fuck up! When you lose count of how many people you and your friends have influenced into riding fixed, you know it's big time, like MJ.

BMC track

thanks brian