A love hate relationship.

The all to familiar snapping of my MKS Leather toe clips. I love these clips, don't get me wrong, but here is the low down.


1. Too Pliable
2. Leather sewing isn't reinforced
3. Aluminum despite being lighter is weaker than the MKS steel clips.

The Benefits:

1. Leather wrap makes the clips quieter when they clip the ground.
2. The aluminum is lightweight
3. Leather protects one of the main weak point of the clips(where the two metal pieces connect to the base).
4. The leather acts as a cushion between my shoes and the metal on the clips.

Conclusion: Despite running through these clips in a few months, I will continue to buy them at the steep price of $20. Now that it is summer and the salt is gone, I may try the MKS steel toe clips with leather and see how they perform. Did I mention how classy they look on my bike?

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