Burning River Alleycat, My Journey

The Burning River Alleycat
My Journey

-We all gathered inside the pub. Our bikes lay across the street in a parking lot with the manifest in the spokes. Edward came inside, blew the horn and we were off.
First Stop
A bar on Detroit Ave and 112th ish
-Run to the back of the bar, put your hand in a murky baby pool and find a playing card. (Find the Ace and win a grand prize).
*This pool was filled with some unknown oily substance. For the next couple of miles, I was pawing at my pants to try and get it off my gloves. Did I mention I ride bare metal drops? fuck
Second Stop
Edgewater Park
-Got my manifest stamped and off I went.
*I was on my way to the next stop, Duke Ave, when my whole right leg just completely cramped up. I could barely budge my leg out of the clip. I thought if I moved my leg, something would rip internally. I gimped to the side of the road and mothered my calve back to working order with a solid 5 minute stretch.
Third Stop
Duke Ave ( The Anti-Vegan Stop)
-Eat a hot dog and drink a beer. For each item you refuse, you are penalized 3 minutes.
*This stop was definitely a favorite. I got there right after they ran out of warm beer, so I was treated to a cold Budweiser(thats what I'm talking about). The funny part is that I probably took the same amount of time drinking and eating as the people getting penalized. A most satisfying stop for sure.
Fourth Stop
Lorain Ave and W25
-Get your face painted
*This stop was vital to make me look like a warrior.
Fifth Stop
The Glass Bubble
-Coke / Pepsi challenge. Guess which kind you're drinking.
*I felt like I was made for this challenge. As soon as I gulped down the liquid, I noticed a flat tasting characteristic that can only be attributed to PEPSI. Sorry, I'm a Coke Cola fan.
*Getting to the next stop, A.J. Rocco's, was insane. Cleveland was all hustle and bustle. Both of the Cavs and the Indians were getting ready to start a game; people were everywhere. Keep in mind that I still have my warrior paint on. haha
Sixth Stop
A.J. Rocco's
-Pretty simple, take a shot and go.
*Heres what made it interesting: We were taking these shots outside of the bar where everyone was pre-gaming. We had people cheering us on and what not, it was hilarious.
Seventh Stop
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
-Roll two sevens with dice to advance
The Blind Pig
-Construct a bike tree, check

-$2 brew specials, check

-Dance competition, check

-Prizes galore, check
-Good times, check

Bike Polo from earlier that day
Head to Fast Living Zine for another glimpse
Alex Kidd's flickr for more photos

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