Serious bike building

I always see the best built bikes from Le Blog de Cyclope. Either that or they take really great product shots. Anyway, this one was a stand out:

fresh kicks are necessary

don't have a link :(


Bent Fork : quick fix

This is a jig I made one day after I picked up a used bike that had a bent fork.
Using (2)2x4's,(3)U-Bolts, (6) Hex-nuts, and (1) Wrench, I was able to make my fork nearly perfect. This process is a lot of trial and error and could definitely take an hour or so.

These photos were taken by my friend who used the jig with decent results:


beaut !

I think I'd have a hard time riding a bike that looked this beautiful.

rollin dubs

I better not start seeing this.


local gems : Laura's Ciclipolito

These are handmade frames straight out of Cleveland.
Head over to Ciclipolito, pronto!


Scoped @ londonfgss


Before and After: Motobecane

This is one hell of a job, especially being their first rebuild.
The color scheme is sick! Good stuff.
Get @ it


Stands and spins

This is a crime

How could you subject your Spinergy to this cruelty?
What a rookie spray job too..

I fixed it :



The geometry on this Bamboo bike is pleasing.
more @ kerinberlin

Incase you forgot

Blue Lug carries these

color scheme

This bike is noice!
Screen Grabs Courtesy of Fixie Pixie!

The 50 Best

Someone aoughta make a "25 Best Fixed Gear Bikes"
Take a look at Indybest for the full scoop.


nice geometry

love the aggressive geometry. sweeet
Kilo TT

Super Champion

Cycle Hawk

Didn't know the business was so rough.

Rapha remains classy

Introducing Rapha Touring Shorts.
As usual, Breathable. Fit. Not friendly to your wallet.

Pilen Concept

Designer : Eric Therner
Scoped @ The Rotten Club


Tour de France, its finally here

Alejandro Valverde takes stage one
Get live coverage here


July 3rd Ride

foot over bar, 180 skids
endo's, bruises from endos..
foot through the frame, foot over bar, no handed skid
(can someone make a better name for this, jesus)
Burd-style trackstands
one hand wheelie