my bike : update

aerospoke : the unboxing

After a tense-butt 9 week wait, a Spinergy Rev-X impulse buy and a few blown out tires, the Aerospoke finally arrived.

First impressions:
Lighter than I expected. Off the top of my head, I'd say it ways about the same as my rear Velocity Deep-V. The allen wrench bolt on hub is a bit odd at first, but I like it. I guess I'm used to my quick release and bolt on nuts. The actual ride is amazing. The wheel is solid and feels very aerodynamic.
Definitely one boss piece of equipment. Compared to the Spinergy, I don't feel like the wheel will shatter or come untrue. Whereas, I think I would throw on the Spinergy if I was about to race somewhere.



Keo reigns out of Seattle and rides for Cadence, he is a pioneer.

720 spins

Tom Mosher Throws down a sick 720 spin, check it out


These are bossy. Go get the full scoop at honeyee.com


New digs

Check out this graphic tee from Starfuckers, it's pretty cool.

I scoped this over @ HK fixed


New Inspiration

This video has the most diverse set of tricks i've ever seen in a video. Goood substance. Now go try a few of these.


Freeman Transport

Scoped this news over @ SSFG!
Freeman Transport is still in the midst of completing its first run of frames that can seperate into two. This type of frame is perfect for the world traveler. The black one looks classsssssy..

Steve Macdonald

Steve Macdonald aka RamblinWorker is a legit artist you definitely need to check out for yourself. He works heavily in embroidery and graphic design.
...From the looks of it, he is fixed.

New 3Rensho+Makino @ SUPER MAKURI

This is most definitely one of the best 3Rensho's I've seen thus far.
But it's also a Makino? This double logo idea is throwing me off. Either way, it's jazzy.
Head over to SUPER MAKURI for the specs.

Get Lugged

Spotted this over @ HK Fixed! big ups Brian.
The Lug work that Bob Brown Cycles does is sick.
This bike should be hung on a wall.


my bike : update

Stopped down at the bike co op and picked up this Spinergy Rev-X. The hub is smooth and the wheel is perfectly true. Cleaned the brake walls and inside the blades, it was a mess. No worries, I won't be doing anything too extreme on this wheel considering its reputation. But alas, I own a piece of history.


New Eimei's @ SUPER MAKURI

These are some mint, barely used frames.
Jet over to SUPER MAKURI for the full scoop on the frame and some more screen grabs.


Fixed in SF

What dreams are made of

This bike is legit. It is a Katana Forgotten Dreams. The frame geometry is beautiful. It allows bar spins with 700c wheels. Designed for street and trick use. It couldn't be any more perfect.
Head over to Cavendish Cycles and see the other frames they just got in.


brooklyn gear @ King Kog

Get over to King Kog

Koulture Voultures Sessions

These guys got picked up for the next Council of Doom video. It's a group of youngin's throwin' it down correct.


For Sale : 54cm White Monoc

Frame: Drilled aluminium forks, headset (+25quid for thomson seatpost)
Seat tube: 54cm c-c, 56c-t
Top tube: 53cm c-c
In good condition. A few paint chips: mainly on drive chain stay and bb shell. No dents
£349.00 / $683

Head over to the londonfixedgear thread for more

Ferrari Red

Saw this Eddy Merckx MX Leader over @ MILANO FIXED

Bootleg Sessions V.2 official Trailer

Burning River Alleycat, My Journey

The Burning River Alleycat
My Journey

-We all gathered inside the pub. Our bikes lay across the street in a parking lot with the manifest in the spokes. Edward came inside, blew the horn and we were off.
First Stop
A bar on Detroit Ave and 112th ish
-Run to the back of the bar, put your hand in a murky baby pool and find a playing card. (Find the Ace and win a grand prize).
*This pool was filled with some unknown oily substance. For the next couple of miles, I was pawing at my pants to try and get it off my gloves. Did I mention I ride bare metal drops? fuck
Second Stop
Edgewater Park
-Got my manifest stamped and off I went.
*I was on my way to the next stop, Duke Ave, when my whole right leg just completely cramped up. I could barely budge my leg out of the clip. I thought if I moved my leg, something would rip internally. I gimped to the side of the road and mothered my calve back to working order with a solid 5 minute stretch.
Third Stop
Duke Ave ( The Anti-Vegan Stop)
-Eat a hot dog and drink a beer. For each item you refuse, you are penalized 3 minutes.
*This stop was definitely a favorite. I got there right after they ran out of warm beer, so I was treated to a cold Budweiser(thats what I'm talking about). The funny part is that I probably took the same amount of time drinking and eating as the people getting penalized. A most satisfying stop for sure.
Fourth Stop
Lorain Ave and W25
-Get your face painted
*This stop was vital to make me look like a warrior.
Fifth Stop
The Glass Bubble
-Coke / Pepsi challenge. Guess which kind you're drinking.
*I felt like I was made for this challenge. As soon as I gulped down the liquid, I noticed a flat tasting characteristic that can only be attributed to PEPSI. Sorry, I'm a Coke Cola fan.
*Getting to the next stop, A.J. Rocco's, was insane. Cleveland was all hustle and bustle. Both of the Cavs and the Indians were getting ready to start a game; people were everywhere. Keep in mind that I still have my warrior paint on. haha
Sixth Stop
A.J. Rocco's
-Pretty simple, take a shot and go.
*Heres what made it interesting: We were taking these shots outside of the bar where everyone was pre-gaming. We had people cheering us on and what not, it was hilarious.
Seventh Stop
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
-Roll two sevens with dice to advance
The Blind Pig
-Construct a bike tree, check

-$2 brew specials, check

-Dance competition, check

-Prizes galore, check
-Good times, check

Bike Polo from earlier that day
Head to Fast Living Zine for another glimpse
Alex Kidd's flickr for more photos