my bike : update

Stopped down at the bike co op and picked up this Spinergy Rev-X. The hub is smooth and the wheel is perfectly true. Cleaned the brake walls and inside the blades, it was a mess. No worries, I won't be doing anything too extreme on this wheel considering its reputation. But alas, I own a piece of history.


Taylor Kruse said...

Shit man!

ericarthur said...

if you don't mind me asking, how much did the spinergy run you. just curious because a month or so ago peter and i were discussing what the co-op was going to price it at. i was wondering who was going to snap that up.

Dave Pickett said...

Hey man, sorry about the delayed response. I reluctantly bought the Spinergy for $175, it was foresure an impulse buy(I was in the process of waiting for the Aerospoke, but just couldn't wait). The price was pretty sturdy and I was bitter about it at the time. After I gave the wheel a good cleaning and rode it, I was satisfied. I mean the odds of coming across a clincher Spinergy REV-X is near impossible nowadays. Most of them are sold in wheel sets and are tubular. Plus in the end, I wanted to own a piece of cycling history.