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tight graphics

Specialized Tri-Spoke

Yes, Yes, No thanks

Here my friends are the new entry level track bikes.
One of them doesn't belong, try and figure it out.

The Fuji has the styling of a Pista Concept and a LOOK, I love it.
Can't wait to see these in the shops.


gnarly tee shirt

So my girlfriend made me a tee shirt for my birthday, a hand sketched fixed gear with a bossy front wheel printed on the tee. It's a 5 spoke representing the color wheel, this is because for the life of me I can't remember it and I'm in art school. An awesome shirt and in limited quantities, one!


Dear friends

Unfortunately, in the weeks to come, posts will be very few and far in between, for I will be moving to go to art school this friday. Hope you enjoi'd my posts. -Dave


Take a look at the Trek Districts new drivetrain. I suppose if they are even considering using a belt drive, this one must work well enough. I doubt that one of those can hold up to everyday skidding of a regular track bike, but this isn't necessarily a track bike, I just had high hopes for it.

Sweet Nectar

Scoped @ HK Fixed

Yo, look at this Tange

Frame :
TANGE Alloy Aero Track prototype
Fork :
TANGE Carbon
Headset :
Stem :
Look Ergo Stem HCS white
Handle :
ORIGINAL TT STYLE HANDLE / 3TTT Bar clip + unauthorized
Front Wheel :
Rear Wheel :
Cranks :
SUGINO 75 Alloy
Chainring :
SUGINO 75 Alloy 52T
Cog :
Saddle :
Pedals :

Scoped @ Pedal Mafia

Macaframa Commercial

What sweet techniques these guys have with filming, always impressed!

damn pedestrians

oh well, mine as well make the fork into a beer opener.
scoped this business @ tracko


Fixed Gear Gallery finds

This retro bicycle one of the best i've ever seen.
Check out the Flickr set

This is one nice Pake! I'm sure you're wondering about that front wheel.
Its a Rigida DP18 Supersonic front wheel with carbon hub.


Grab yo nuts.

I snagged this from Iheartmybeard, I wish I had one.. a beard that is.

Velospace finds

This Pista Concept is ready to thrash, add rock and roll hair for bonus points.
2008 Alien Track Bike, this thing has super tight agressive geometry. Jealous?
EAI BareKnuckle. He gots dat purp stuff.



I fixed it

I like Cinelli Vigorelli's, don't get me wrong, but when I saw this kids tags, it pissed me off. You're color coordinating makes me sick. I hope your riding ability equals that outlandish whip.

Scatto Fisso

Scatto Fisso, a fixed gear blog based out of Torino, Italy.

Trek District

This is exciting to see bike designs like this coming from big names like Trek.
Scoped @ HK fixed / Bicycle Design

Fly ass Holdsworth

This is a 1955 Holdsworth Zephyr that I scoped on London Fixed Gear Blog

thugged out

Thought these hats looked pretty bossy. They're made by Undefeated.
Scoped @ fixed gear blog


DIY reversible top tube pad

First, I started with an existing top tube pad as my base. Then I cut two tubes in half and washed the insides out(there is a powder substance on the inside). After cutting them to the right sizes, I made a weave pattern.
I used pins to keep them together during sewing.
I only sewed vertical lines. Sewing horizontal with the weave is unnecessary, but would make your pad extra brawny, roar!
Pinned and sewed velcro on the end of each side.
You may have to have your bike present in order to get the right positioning of the velcro. I intended on using a foam pad underneath, but it is definitely not required. In the end, you may find that you must trim excess rubber off and re-sew a side.
Top side, sewed and velcro'd
Bottom side, sewed and velcro'd
Top side, mounted on bike
close up
( I stiched the edges to keep them from fraying, but it's rubber so that happening is doubtful...but it looks classy)
Bottom side, mounted on bike
close up


DIY seat lock

Start with an old chain and tube
measure how many links you will need
Use your chain tool to adjust your chain to the right length.
Cut your tube to match the chain length.
Then insert the chain and sew shut.
(I chose to sew tightly incase i cut the excess off later)

close up of chain in tube.
Tube cut and sewn to cover exposed part of chain.
Sew the velcro accordingly.

Final product mounted on bike.
For best results, slide the cover piece up under the saddle rails.