A happy medium

Remember these ? Well I found my happy medium and here they are.
So I bought a set of MKS Steel toe clips with leather and have been riding them for the last week.

  1. I found that the leather on the outside of the cage would still rip off and the sewing would come undone(within a few days).
  2. The steel clips are really tight on the tops of your shoes and are tough to loosen up. I figure it will loosen up as I ride them more.
The Benefits:
  1. By wrapping the cage with 3M electrical tape, I maintained the beloved quietness of having wrapped cages and I get better, re-applicable protection.
  2. The ride comfort of the wrap is still more comfortable than bare cage pressing on my feet
My Conclusion:
Don't waste your dough on leather wrapped clips(unless your riding style is less intensive/destructive than my own). Buy a set of MKS Steel Toe clips and wrap them yourself with electrical tape! DIY for life! < homo

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Gene said...

That is a really good tip, I'm going to give that a try - thanks!