The end of a beautiful thing

As quoted from Whitney Moyer, the owner of Moyer Cycles

"I have accepted a position as an operator trainee at the South Texas Project and have moved to the sleepy little town of Palacios, TX.

What this means for the business - effectively, I'm shutting up shop. I'll continue to build frames, but only for myself and close friends for the forseeable future. This will allow me to explore a couple of ideas about where I want to take my craft and give me time to work out a more sustainable business model.

If they work out, I'll be back to making frames for others in about 5-10 years in a limited, spare-time, capacity.

If not - well, I have a kickass job in a booming industry - and I'm extremely proud of the quality of work that I was able to put out there in my very short time as a builder.

I'll be writing up a 'lessons learned' within the next month or so in order to highlight some of the pitfalls that I encountered as a new builder, and to show you some of the details as to why I came to this decision.

Thank you very much for all of your support and comments over the past year or two. I really appreciate every one of them!"

It's sad to see such a truly creative frame builder just completely pick up and leave for something else. Wish I knew what this new job in a booming industry was though....
Anywho, I'll leave you with a quick overview of his work:

Scoped @ HK fixed

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