Brad, someone stole our idea.

S3X 3-Speed Fixed Gear
The first batch of prototype Fixed Gear 3 speeds is finished. The new hub will be called the S3X. The hub will be made using a much stronger aluminum hubshell. Overall gear range will be 160%.
  • 1st Gear -37.5%

  • 2nd Gear - -25%

  • 3rd Gear - Direct Drive

  • Gear step gear 1 to gear 2: 20%

  • Gear step gear two to gear 3: 33%
Another great idea, stolen. Damn you Sunrace Sturmey Archer and thank you.


Brad Knilans said...

fuck man. i am so bummed we didnt do this first. oh well. it still kicks ass.

Anonymous said...

you guys are aware that sturmey archer made a 3 speed fixed hub from 1953-1962(ish?)