DIY reversible top tube pad

First, I started with an existing top tube pad as my base. Then I cut two tubes in half and washed the insides out(there is a powder substance on the inside). After cutting them to the right sizes, I made a weave pattern.
I used pins to keep them together during sewing.
I only sewed vertical lines. Sewing horizontal with the weave is unnecessary, but would make your pad extra brawny, roar!
Pinned and sewed velcro on the end of each side.
You may have to have your bike present in order to get the right positioning of the velcro. I intended on using a foam pad underneath, but it is definitely not required. In the end, you may find that you must trim excess rubber off and re-sew a side.
Top side, sewed and velcro'd
Bottom side, sewed and velcro'd
Top side, mounted on bike
close up
( I stiched the edges to keep them from fraying, but it's rubber so that happening is doubtful...but it looks classy)
Bottom side, mounted on bike
close up

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