Ralpha Racing Ltd.

Ralpha Racing Ltd. is a company based out of London trying to satisfy riders with the most stylish and best performing gear for cycling. Make sure you skate over to their site and check out the rest of their dope product line. noice!
The Rapha Roller Race cap celebrating the first stage of the International Roller Race series. Taking place on 19 April 2008 in central London, the roller race is the first of a number of roller races scheduled worldwide. 10 teams, consisting of media folk, couriers, bankers and cycling clubs, will be contending for the win in a 500 metre sprint on rollers.

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Rollapaluza said...

This event was in association with Rollapaluza, THE crew heading the roller-racing resurgence, with 55 races in the last 12 months and over 3000 racers!