CANCELLED : what really happened with Monster Track 2008

Traditionally, alley cat races have been reserved for local messengers. A way for friends to test their skills. With this in mind, think about Monster Track over the years. Last year alone, over 200 riders showed up from all over the world. 200 riders racing in one of the most populous cities in the world is just not the best of ideas (yet the idea is still exhilarating). With the anticipation of even more riders this year, the only thing Victor, the creator of Monster Track, could do was cancel it. It is disappointing, but understandable. The race is designed for seasoned riders and all those out of towners could end up in the hospital.

This years race still took place, but on a smaller scale, like it used to be. The pre-monster track activities took place the day before and it was there that word the race was passed among friends. The next day, racers filtered in and out of a one room apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where they payed their $10 race fee and snatched a spoke card. One secret handshake later, these racers met up at the Williamsburg bridge where the race was on.
2008 welcomes not only the year of the rat, but for us, the most exclusive bike race in the world. damn you monster track, damn you.

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